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Introduction to Assemblies of God Missions - Preview (PRE 261)

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This course is an introduction in the science of missions. It is a survey of the theology, history, and methods of Christian missions in general and within the Assemblies of God in particular. Special emphasis is placed upon recent developments, critical issues, trends, and missions as they are carried out through national and local churches.

*Supplemental reading recommendation: Missions in the Age of the Spirit, by John V. York, (

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Credential Level: Preview Course Instructor: Darryn Fisher

  • Getting Started
  • A Note from the Director
  • Meet Your Instructor
  • Section 1 - Biblical foundation for missions
  • Biblical Basis of Missions / God's Heart for the Nations
  • The Inconvenient Lost - Part 1
  • The Inconvenient Lost - Part 2
  • Understanding the Remaining Mission Task
  • Urgency of Missions
  • Missionary Manifesto
  • Missio Dei and the Mission of the Church
  • Case Studies in Missions Intro
  • AG Missions Quiz #1
  • AG Missions Personal Reflection #1
  • Section 2 - Missiology
  • Section 3 - Ministry with cultural Intelligence
  • Section 4 - World Missions History & The Call
  • Section 5 - AG Missions History
  • Section 6 - Missions Today
  • Section 7 - Mission Strategy
  • Section 8 - Live Dead
  • Section 9 - Ag Missions
  • Section 10 - Student Presentation
  • Flash Card Study Session
  • Final Presentation
  • Final Reflection
  • Wrapping Up
  • For Further Reading
  • End of Class Survey
  • You're one step closer!
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  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 1 month