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Church Administration, Law, and Finance - Preview (PRE 327)

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An introductory study of many principles, procedures, and techniques used in today's business world as they apply to the local church and its leadership. Attention is given to organizing and staffing functions of the church, practical methods of raising money for the church's expenses, keeping good records, and managing the church's money, facilities, and equipment. It also gives students a practical understanding of the law in order to recognize and resolve legal questions confronting pastors and churches today.

*Supplemental reading recommendation: Church Administration Handbook by Bruce Powers, (

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Credential Level: Preview Course Instructor: Dr. Paul R. Mcdonald

  • Getting Started
  • A Note from the Director
  • Meet Your Instructor
  • Section 1 - Intro
  • Live Q&A at General Council
  • Why Is Church Risk Management Important?
  • Chapter 4 - Assemblies of God Governance
  • AG Structure - Our Local Structure and Form of Government
  • Church Administration Handbook Review & Summary
  • Church Admin Personal Reflection #1
  • Church Admin Quiz #1
  • Section 2 - Church Administration 1
  • Section 3 - Church Administration 2
  • Section 4 - Church Administration 3
  • Section 5 - Church Finances 1
  • Section 6 - Church Finances 2
  • Section 7 - Church Law 1
  • Section 8 - Church Law 2
  • Section 9 - Pastors Practical Tips
  • Section 10 - Student Presentation
  • Flash Card Study Session
  • Final Presentation
  • Final Reflection
  • Wrapping Up
  • For Further Reading
  • End of Class Survey
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  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 1 month