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Synoptic Gospels - Preview (PRE 112)

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This course is a study of the life of Christ from the viewpoint of the Synoptic Gospels— Matthew, Mark, and Luke. This course will help students grasp the important events in Christ’s life. It enables the student to preach and teach about Christ with greater understanding and effectiveness, and it challenges him or her to follow Christ's personally with greater dedication and stronger devotion in service to Him.

*Supplemental reading recommendation: The Words and Works of Jesus Christ: A Study of the Life of Christ
by J. Dwight Pentecost ISBN-10: 0310309409.

**Student's will not need to purchase the course textbook. All the material is available with your subscription.

Credential Level: Preview Course Instructor: Dan Wallentine

  • Getting Started
  • A Note from the Director
  • Meet Your Instructor
  • Section 1 - introduction to the synoptic Gospels
  • Four portraits, one Jesus. Chapter 1: What are the Gospels?
  • Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels - Part 1
  • Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels - Part 2
  • Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels - Part 3
  • The Bible Project: The Birth of Jesus
  • The Gospels Are Fact Not Folklore Today
  • When were the Gospels written and by whom?
  • The Holy Spirit in the Gospels
  • Three Ways John is Different
  • Synoptic Gospels Quiz #1
  • Synoptic Gospels Personal Reflection #1
  • Section 2 - Historical Background
  • Section 3 - The Synoptic Problem
  • Section 4 - Jesus' Life & Teaching
  • Section 5 - The Gospel & The Kingdom
  • Section 6 - Parables
  • section 7 - Miracles
  • Section 8 - The Passion
  • Section 9 - Synoptics compared to John
  • Section 10 - Student Presentation
  • Flash Card Study Session
  • Final Presentation
  • Final Reflection
  • Wrapping Up
  • For Further Reading
  • End of Class Survey
  • You're one step closer!
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 1 month